Why Every Brand Needs Brand Guidelines

by Syrup | Jun 23, 2020

Are you one of those people who slightly cringe at the thought of anyone else folding your laundry, organizing your pantry, or arranging your bookshelves? Is it hard for you to enjoy your vacation without knowing there is a detailed list at home explaining exactly how the house sitter should feed your dog and water your plants?

When handing a job or a task off without guidelines, people are left to their own preferences on how to get something done, which very well could end in a disaster as you may have experienced.

One, if not the most important, part of creating a visual identity is forming brand guidelines to go with it. You can give someone a logo and colors, but without any direction on how to use them, any hope of consistency is thrown out the door. This could lead to your business being misrepresented and distrusted in the marketplace. Think about if Nike rotated their swoosh randomly 20 degrees on some apparel and 45 degrees on another. The symbol would lose a lot of its powerful presence and recognition it has built over the years.

Brand guidelines are more than just a list of logo variations and color codes. They almost always include:

  • Your values
  • Your core purpose
  • Your tagline AND how to use it with your logo
  • Type of imagery/photography to use
  • Brand fonts and web-safe alternatives
  • When and where to use your different logo formats
  • Actual examples of how to use your logo and colors together

Brand guidelines are a tool for your entire company to refer to – not just the creatives or those who will be applying your brand in real life.  They should be something to rally around and get excited about.

Here at Syrup, no visual identity project is complete without comprehensive brand guidelines. Through them, our desire is to give you and your team both confidence and consistency as you move forward in the marketplace.

If your brand needs some consistency and guidelines, our team would love to help.

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