Your Purpose Has a Purpose

by Kate Neri | Apr 5, 2022

In my last post, we unpacked how important your brand is when it comes to being competitive in this challenging talent market. When done right, a consistent and authentic brand is ultimately what attracts and retains employees. I talked about Core Values and why they’re so important; today I’m diving into your Core Purpose.

The core purpose is your company’s fundamental reason for existing. It is what guides your organization in the decisions you make, and is the foundation of your culture. It’s what motivates your employees and inspires change. It instills focus, builds unity, creates alignment, and ultimately can be a very effective way to attract and retain talent.

Being able to articulate your company’s purpose is the first step. Is it clear? Is it compelling? Is it authentic? Does it represent the future state you want to create as a company? 

Once you have a clear, concise purpose for your business the next, and most important, step is to bring it to life in your organization. To inspire your team around this purpose you must, as they say,  talk the talk and walk the walk.

Here are a few ways to bring your core purpose to life:

  • Adjust your business KPIs to drive toward your purpose
  • Tie team and individual goals to the company’s purpose
  • Celebrate employee achievements that are aligned with the core purpose
  • And as leaders, consistently point your team toward the purpose

A compelling core purpose that is communicated well externally and is a primary focus of your company internally can attract the right talent to your business and help retain that talent by bringing meaning to their work, helping them understand the contributions they are making, and ultimately creating stronger connections in this challenging environment.

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