2 Helpful Resources to Keep You Learning

by Syrup | Jun 26, 2019

At Syrup we have a “learn” Slack channel specifically to share the things we’re learning about. This includes everything from updated features on a platform and creative inspiration to new tools in market and industry changes. We share what we learn on our own so we grow together as a team.

Last week, our creative director Benj asked us to share our go-to information sources for when we want to learn something. We all had different answers, which got me thinking about how even within the same company, we’re all getting information from different places and we need to be sharing that. So today I want to share my top 2 sources from my seat as a marketing specialist:

1. Marketing Land

Morgan from our content team actually recommended this one to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Marketing Land covers all things online marketing and I find that it’s most relevant to me from the paid media side of things. Their daily emails keep me up to date on everything going on with Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so I’m able to stay up to date with what’s being rolled out. I can quickly scroll through in the morning to see if there are key headlines that impact my work, and then everything is linked within the email so I can dive deeper into the things that make sense.

2. Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer

Kraig mentioned this one in a Friday Favorites post recently and I can’t count the number of times he’s suggested specific episodes to me over the years — and rightfully so. Where Marketing Land gives me the key headlines and overview of what’s going on or coming up, Perpetual Traffic dives into the execution — what to do with it and how to do it. They discuss specific tactics within the platform so you can take that information and try it for yourself.

Life moves pretty fast, but our industry moves faster. You can’t afford to miss what’s next. So whatever your sources are, always stay learning. Then share them with me!

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