3 Questions to Think About As You Wrap Up the Year

by Morgan Alverson | Dec 14, 2021

Hopefully, by this point in the year, you’ve solidified your plans, goals, and objectives for 2022. Whether you’re completely done, still trying to wrap up a few things, or feeling behind, here are 3 questions to think about.

1. Do you know the lifetime value of a typical client?

Oftentimes your biggest area of growth is your current client base. But without having an understanding of their typical lifetime value, you can’t actually work to grow it. Kate explains the importance of this number and how we use it here.

2. How well do you proactively upsell, cross sell and renew sales to existing clients?

This is likely your lowest-hanging fruit. It’s much easier to sell to a client that already knows and trusts you than it is to acquire a new client. But you can’t expect clients to just come to you asking for more.

3. How educated are your existing clients on all of your products and services?

If they don’t know about them, they can’t purchase them. Are you ensuring your clients fully understand all that you offer and how you can help their business?

Don’t let the year end without thinking through these 3 questions. Make some room in your 2022 Annual Plan to address any issues that come from answering them. 

These are just three of the questions in the Funnel Assessment we created earlier this year – all focused on the Grow stage of the funnel. But if you’d like to go deeper and look across all stages of the funnel and your business, take the assessment! It would be a great way to find any gaps or opportunities and to find your focus for the year.

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