The 3 Things You Need to Keep Your Team on the Same Page

by Benj Miller | Dec 20, 2016

Someone recently asked me how we keep our team on the same page. I thought it was a great question to which we had strong answers worth sharing.

Here are the top three things:

Clarity: Get very clear on where you are going, how you are going to get there, and everyone’s role in achieving that vision.

Communication: Meet regularly, review measurables, hold each other accountable, work through issues, and talk through everything.

Comradery: Create a culture where you enjoy being on the journey to the vision together. Spend time working on the person of the team members, not just on what you can get out of them. As you grow individuals, they will grow as people, performers, and team members.

Bonus: Have a system for everything above! (Hint: We’re huge believers in EOS)

Make this a priority and your entire team will thank you. Grow together, learn together, and work toward your company’s future …together. 

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