3 Things You Need to Know About Every Single One of Your Customers

by Benj Miller | Jun 20, 2017

Who are your customers?

Really. Think about it. (“Everyone” is not an answer here.)

Now how often do you talk to them? I’m not talking about marketing to them; I mean actually talking to them and getting to know them.

In order to serve your customers well, you have to listen to and understand them. It’s time to ask the right questions and hear what your customers have to say.

The 3 things you need to know about every single one of your customers:

1. What do they want from you? Make sure you truly understand what your customer is looking for. Why did they buy? What are their expectations? How will they measure success? Knowing these things can help you not only meet expectations, but exceed them.
2. How do they like to communicate? Whether it’s through email, phone, text, or in person, communication is the number one key to success for the experience of the customer. Don’t call them all the time when they prefer email and vise versa. Sending them a message through their least favorite form of communication can lead to a negative mindset before they even read what you have to say.
3. What battles are they fighting? The better you understand their universe of pains, pressures, and opportunities, the better you can serve them and align your objectives.

Communication is the number one key to success for the experience of the customer.

Understanding your customers in this way is the basis for everything you do as a company. At Syrup, we’re big believers that who you are for is at the very center of your business. Figure out who you’re for and own it – really get to know them well. This helps you relate to them, serve them, and ultimately market your product or service to them.

People need your empathy before you sell to them. Your customers want to know that you understand what their pain points are and their unique needs. Once that relationship is established is when you can begin to sell. Plus, the ability to answer these questions about your customers creates trust and champions of your brand.

If you never talk to your customers and don’t know the answers to these questions, what could you be missing out on?

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