3 Ways to Jumpstart Growth for Your Business

by Benj Miller | Apr 4, 2017

Sustainable growth is earned the hard way. There are no shortcuts. You need strategies, tactics, systems, processes, and enough time to allow these things to bear fruit.

However, there are several methods for creating short-term boosts. Here are three ways to jumpstart growth for your business:

  1. Wake up your “Sleeping Beauties.” Do you have past clients that haven’t bought from you in a while? They are your quickest path to a revenue spike — if you delivered well, then you’ve already earned their trust. It’s time to wake them up and get back that mindshare! Simply make them aware of a new product or service you offer, or reach out to see how their business is doing. 
  2. Find a new channel. Finding customers one at a time is tough and takes a lot of work. Why not make a revenue sharing deal? Find someone who already has the trust and mindshare with the audience you want to reach. Share a little revenue and reward that person for connecting you. 
  3. Leverage your champions. Clients who loved their experience with you can be some of the best tools you have to grow your business. We call them your champions because they’re willing to be advocates for your product or service. Just make the ask. Ask them to share a testimonial, refer a friend, leave a review, etc. 

Once you’ve done these things, it’s time to adopt a system in order to continue this growth.

Our system helps you build scalable and sustainable growth, making all of this even more valuable for you. It’s called Growth Factor. If you’re ready to learn more, drop us a line.

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