7+ Years of Conversations

by Syrup | May 25, 2021

Over the course of the last 7+ years, we have talked with over 1,000 companies about growth. Over all those years & all those conversations, one thing is pretty consistent – they are talking to us because they aren’t quite sure what they should do next to continue growing their business.

They have either hit a plateau, the old stuff doesn’t work the same, or they’ve never really invested into meaningful growth.

And now they are stuck – looking for an outsider’s perspective.

We all seek “outsider perspectives” in areas of inexperience, when the situation is complicated, or when making a mistake can have significant costs.

Growth and marketing tend to have all three of the above components. 

Just as consistent as the theme of those conversations is the tool we use to help direct the conversation and help those companies break down the complex topic of growth:

The Funnel – its staying power and effectiveness continue to amaze me.

Our team wanted to get this helpful framework into the hands of more people, so they created this assessment to help companies identify a starting point. At a minimum, it creates a starting point for conversations.

View of the output of the assessment

We would love for you & your teams to use it, pass it along, talk about the results, and use it to help identify areas of improvement that will lead to growth in your business!

Take the funnel assessment here.

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