B2B Website Stats You Need to Know

by Morgan Alverson | Feb 23, 2021

Not even one second. That’s how long it takes someone to form an opinion of your website. It actually only takes 50 milliseconds, and that number continues to go down year after year. Our attention spans are minuscule and declining. 

If your site takes longer to load, you’re losing visitors. 

If the first image on your website doesn’t stand out, you’re losing visitors. 

If you don’t grab attention with your copy, you guessed it – you’re losing visitors.

Why does that matter? Because your website matters. We often say it’s the heart of your sales and marketing. It’s [often] the first impression. It should be helping generate leads for your business. So what’s your website telling others? 

Here are a few other B2B website stats you need to pay attention to (source: Website Builder Expert):

57% of users won’t recommend a company with a poor mobile site.

It is 2021. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, you’re losing – big time. Not only are users not going to recommend your company, but Google also won’t recommend it. Beginning this year, Google is only assessing sites from a mobile perspective.

Websites score 47% higher in usability when text is scannable.

Content has to be easy to read. 9 times out of 10, people are going to be scanning your content. Is it easy to pick up the most important things? Or are you forcing people to read through paragraphs of text (and in turn losing them)?

The majority of websites don’t have a clear call to action and 44% of users leave a B2B site with no clear contact details.

You have to make it clear what you want the user to do.

Make sure you have calls-to-action throughout your site that are clear and easy to find. Tell people what their next step is. Guide them throughout your site. 

94% of first impressions are related to design and 38% of visitors will stop engaging if they find the content or layout unattractive.

Design matters and you can say a lot through design. With a powerful design, you can lead people where you want them to go and make them feel what you want them to feel. What does your brand’s identity – colors, logo, etc. – say about you to others? Is the main image of your site a powerful one?

Your website says a lot about your brand, product, and people. It’s a place to instill trust and make that first impression. It’s a marketing asset and should be helping drive leads for your business. What’s your site telling your customers? It is engaging enough to make them stick around?

If not, it’s time to think about a refresh.

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