Best Ways to Announce the Launch of Your New Website

by Morgan Alverson | Jul 23, 2019

Launching a new website is a really exciting time for your company. A lot of hard work has gone into the last few months to ensure every detail is perfect. Now what? How do you get others to care? What do you do to actually launch your new website? 

Your website is a sales and marketing asset, so it should be shared as such. Some companies choose to begin teasing that “something new” is coming or even share that a new site is on the way. Others like to make this a complete surprise. Whichever one you decide is best for you, go all in! Take full advantage of the opportunity to share and get traffic to your new website.

Here are 6 things you should be doing as you announce the launch of your new website:

  1. Share with your internal team first. You’ll want to make sure your internal team is aligned and prepared for the new site. Think about how each member of your team uses the site and what they’d need to know before the site launches. Let them know what changed and when the site is launching. Have a full plan laid out and introduce it in a fun way to your team.
  2. Tell your clients/customers. They may or may not use your website daily, but your customers are your most important asset and they need to know. Make sure they know where to find important spots like a login button. This is best done through an email. Share why you have a new website and what this means for them and include screenshots to make it easy on the customer.
  3. Share with the rest of your email list(s). You should have email lists that include more than your customers/clients. Tell them about the new site! This is a great opportunity to share with those that haven’t engaged with you for a while but are still on your list. It’s another opportunity to get them to your website.
  4. Publish a blog post. This is not only great for SEO, but you’ll likely want something that includes the full story of your brand and why you got a new website. Share what’s changed and why it matters. You can then link to this blog post in emails or social posts. 
  5. Share on social media. Be proud of your new website and tell your followers! Why did you change your website? What is new and exciting about it? This should be a number of posts for a month or two after the initial launch depending on your social strategy. These aren’t always “hey we got a new site!” posts, but more posts around what’s new on the site. You might even want to promote these social posts through paid media.
  6. Consider a press release. If you are a company that often does press releases, this would be a great time to do one. Include important information and, of course, a link to the site.

Here’s a pro-tip: Things happen during launch days. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. Wait 1-2 days after you actually launch your site to announce it publicly. That way you can fix any bugs or issues you may come across on that first day of launch.

Also remember that “new” is a relative term, and you aren’t going to reach everyone on the day you begin announcing. Keep the momentum going and continue to share your new website for a few weeks. Really capitalize on this exciting launch. While you’ve been working on this website for months, others haven’t seen it until now. Give them a chance to dig in and see what the new website is all about. 

Don’t forget to make a plan and prepare ahead of time. If you need any help (or maybe this post makes you realize you could use a new website), reach out to us! You can view some of our work here.

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