How to Develop Healthy Business Habits

by Jason Ogden | Apr 17, 2018

In the same way that developing habits is key to personal development, a business develops habits as well. The question is whether that happens by default or by design.

Designing Healthy Business Habits

For those who design healthy habits, this is usually achieved by some form of continual BPI (Business Process Improvement). We are currently an EOS Company that focuses on being “lean,” for example. There are many points of view, and regardless the methodology, this focus is a great way for companies to design healthy business habits and continuously improve their business.  

The keys to good business habit design I’ve found are cadence and a model.  The former keeps everything moving and the latter is a strategic direction to make decisions towards. If you are engaged, work fast, and are adaptive, you shouldn’t need much else to design great habits.

So then it becomes a simple question – Default or Design?  

As I mentioned above, we are an EOS Company and are attending the conference next week in Minneapolis. It’s for companies who run on the EOS philosophy and therefore will be full of constantly improving businesses. I’m excited to see other small companies there and to hear from their leaders about how they’re getting better.

Let me know if we’ll see you in Minneapolis next week.     

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