How your people and hiring affects your brand

by Benj Miller | Mar 22, 2022

As your business grows, there are 3 things you need to be cognizant of.

Your Talent Density 

As you hire more and more people, and your business continues to grow, your high-caliber talent naturally gets lower. You need more people on your team so your standards slip. Employee number 50 is not nearly as high capacity as the first few people you hired. This has an effect on culture density.

Your Culture Density 

You built a tight culture. Everyone was similar and believed in the same things when you had 10 or fewer employees. But now there’s 50+ and your culture isn’t what it used to be. Some of that is natural. Some of it is healthy. But if you’re not intentional, you can lose what once was. And when you lose culture density, you lose brand density.

Your Brand Density 

This is all about that alignment between every single person on your team. If you think about Zappos and why their brand is so strong, it’s how you feel the same no matter your experience with them. From the way their employees answer the phone, to the way you feel on their site, to just how every person you interact with treats you. It’s truly that experience with their brand. When you grow and get bigger, and you get more people in one department (i.e. marketing) representing your brand in the market, if they aren’t aligned, you lose your brand density.

Our people are the number 1 thing that affects our brand. 

As you grow and scale, watch your density, especially that brand density. You want to make sure, no matter how big your company gets, the experience people have with your brand is the same across the board. You should be able to tell that everyone on the team is aligned. 

That alignment happens with a strong brand identity, core values, and a clear vision that everyone knows.

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