Implementing your Brand: Vision

by Benj Miller | May 10, 2018

Great brands don’t just create a brand… they implement it deeply. In this series, we’re taking a deeper dive into how you can amplify your brand. Today we start with vision.

Marines, sports teams, civil movements… these are all teams that excel, because they are unified around a common mission. Often companies get formed around a common vision. A vision of how the future can be different and better. People join the tribe early on based on that unified vision. But then things get messy, busy, complicated, and stressful. We start looking at cash flow, adoption rate, and conversions and the stress kicks in.

As an organization, we still tell our story to the outside world. We feel compelled to because we think that’s what will sell. But often we forget to create an internal atmosphere where the vision is the air – that is what gives our brand life.

Before you spend time convincing the world of your vision, convince yourself. Then convince your team. If your team believes, it will not be able to be contained within the walls of the organization.

A compelling vision makes hard work have a purpose. It creates unity. It creates energy. It creates alignment.

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