Implementing Your Brand: A Strong Value Proposition

by Benj Miller | Sep 11, 2018

Does your sales/marketing team sound like any of the following?

  • “We do the same thing they do.”
  • “You’ll like us better.”
  • “We have better service.”

Expecting to win deals with that pitch is like digging a hole in quicksand.

In business, your value proposition is the great X multiplier. Nothing can create more momentum than when you enter the market and are able to provide a product or a service in a way that brings tremendous value to your consumer that no one else can provide.

Your value proposition is the great X multiplier.

Every once in a while a truly revolutionary concept hits the market that hits the silver bullet of a value proposition; one thing that can change the game and no one can compete with. But in most cases, what makes you powerful is the combination of a few things that together are unique to your organization. We call these your “Three Uniques.”

Your Three Uniques are the three things that each bring distinct value to your audience. Each one of them doesn’t have to be 100% unique. They each individually have to be VALUABLE. Together, the combination is unique; no one else can claim these three things.

When you find and articulate this uniqueness, you can position your internal operations and external messaging to double down on the value of these, and thus, why you are the best choice. That’s a strong value proposition. 

Need some help creating a strong value proposition? I’d love to chat. Our process uses an inside-out approach to discover the unique identity of your brand.

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