One Word to Remove From Your B2B Marketing

by Morgan Alverson | Jun 14, 2022

Go look at your last few social media posts from your brand. Maybe even the last email you sent.

How many times do you use the word “we” (or even your company name)?

We won this award. We did this. We have this new feature. Here’s how we work. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’m guessing you use the word “we” a lot because most B2B companies do. Just scroll through LinkedIn and you’ll see just how many times. But here’s the reality – content about you, your product/service, your features/benefits…none of it matters to your audience. 

Let me say that again – None of it matters to your audience.

When you’re creating content for your audience – social posts, emails, white papers, etc. – it has to be about your audience, not about you. Talking all about you doesn’t do anything for your audience. It provides no value to their day. White papers about your features and how they work may be beneficial for a prospect further down the sales cycle, but when we’re talking about marketing in general, we have to create content for and about our audience.

  • What problem(s) are they facing?
  • What matters in their world right now?
  • How could solving these problems change their world?

The real win is finding out what does matter to your audience and what they would find valuable as they scroll through LinkedIn or open their inbox – and write that. Provide them that value. That’s where B2B companies start to stand out.

Let’s all work to remove the word “we” from our marketing – and never use it again.

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