Purpose Capacity

by Benj Miller | Mar 12, 2019

I recently talked about the idea of growing your capacity. To recap, the equation for growing your capacity in life is P/PC – your production over your production capability. This allows you to calculate margin in your life and increase capacity as needed.

You can look at it this way:


At the center of your circle is your production. The ring around it represents your production capability. The less space you have between the two, the less capacity you have and the more likely you are to feel burnt out.

But I believe there’s something else beyond that, and that’s your potential capacity:

You can only increase capacity so much, and your potential capacity is essentially the limit to which you can increase it. Your potential capacity is somewhat constrained by your own talents, skills, and resources, and yours may look very different from mine.

And then there’s one more level to all of this, which is your Purpose Capacity:


Your Purpose Capacity is larger than all the others because it’s so much bigger than anything we’re capable of doing on our own – it only happens with God. Our gifts from God create this, so everyone’s looks very different.

When we think of our purpose we tend to think about doing big things. In truth, it is more about being and growing into fullness and freedom of our original design.

Finding our purpose can be hard. Invite God into the conversation and ask where He’d like you to start looking inside yourself. WARNING: Growing anything requires stretching, moving backward, fire, grindstones, pruning… things that HURT. Only proceed if you are truly willing.

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