Start with the Who | Where Simon Sinek was Wrong

by Benj Miller | Aug 3, 2016

It was seven years ago this month that Simon Sinek appeared on the brand scene with his viral Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

The talk was brilliant. In some ways, it challenged our thinking. In some ways, it used science to rationalize what we already knew and used. It is a philosophy we reference often.

His premise is that as an organization, we need to start our positioning around why we do what we do. What is the passion, belief or shared idea that unites the team internally and the clients/customers they serve?

The struggle with this philosophy is that it can often be extremely hard for an organization to be able identify and/or articulate this “why.”

Here’s where I think Mr. Sinek overlooked the most helpful hint… Start With who. Who is it that your organization is passionate to serve? What are the characteristics in common for those people/companies you strive to serve?

If you can identify and articulate your who, your why becomes a much simpler riddle to solve.

So who is your who?

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