Stop the FOMO!

by Morgan Alverson | May 11, 2016

It happens every year, every month, every week even. There are a number of national holidays and obscure holidays that every single brand and business feels the need to jump on and celebrate.

But, what’s the point?

The FOMO (fear of missing out) has got to stop. As a brand, are you thinking through the WHY behind posting about a holiday? Sure, some holidays make sense to post about, but before you decide to just post, there are some things you should think through first.

Questions to ask yourself before posting about a holiday:

  • Does it make sense for my brand?
  • Does it relate to my brand?
  • Does it relate to my followers?
  • Am I just using a sentimental holiday to gain leads/business?

The goal of social is to connect with your followers, fans and customers. You want to engage with them in a meaningful way. Does a Friday the 13th post really help your brand accomplish that? Even if every other brand is posting about it, does it make sense to you? Take a deep breath and realize that it will be OK if you don’t post about “Eat What You Want Day” (that’s today by the way…). Your followers probably won’t even notice and they sure aren’t pressing that unfollow button just because you forgot about it. However, they may press that unfollow button if your tweets become overwhelming and irrelevant.

The goal of social is to connect with your followers, fans and customers.

Create a relationship with your fans on social media through meaningful posts and connections. Focus on your own brand’s story and define your purpose. Stop the FOMO and don’t worry about missing out on a holiday. It’s more important to connect than just push content.

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