The First Step in Winning Over B2B Prospects

by Morgan Alverson | Sep 21, 2021

Winning over prospects in the B2B space is getting harder and harder. You’re sending the messages and emails, making the phone calls, but it’s just not working like it used to. Here’s the thing – the first step in winning over prospects is gaining their trust. And the best way to do that is to provide value to your audience first

Providing value first instills trust and confidence.

Providing value first helps you stand out from the competition.

Providing value first establishes a relationship.

Providing value first gives your audience a glimpse into why they should work with you.

But the majority of B2B companies are not providing value to their audience. They’re simply asking for the sale.

When we talk about providing value, we call them “deposits.” Think of it like this, you can’t make a withdrawal from a bank account without making deposits first. Treat your B2B prospects the same way. Give some deposits into the relationship before asking for the withdrawal/sale.

A deposit should be something of value to your audience that you spend time creating. These should be thoughtful, and helpful to your audience – not all about you, your services, and what you offer. I’m not talking about grabbing your latest sales sheet and giving it to prospects. Think about what your audience needs. Provide them that. Don’t gate it. Don’t ask for an email first. Just give it to them. 

Provide value to your audience’s life. So when you ask for the sale, there is already a relationship built. Or when they are ready for your product/service, they’ll come to you for the sale.

As you head into planning for 2022, make sure you are including some time to create deposits that provide value to your audience.

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