Two Stats to Ponder During Planning

by Syrup | Oct 26, 2021

It’s planning season (as Jason mentioned here), so let’s make this quick, to the point, and helpful.

When planning for next year, it’s helpful to get a clear picture of where you are at the moment. We created an assessment tool earlier this year to help companies quantify that picture and identify gaps and opportunities across their Sales/Marketing/Customer Funnel.

From this tool, we’ve started to see some interesting trends – and that is what I wanted to point out today.

Here are two stats that I hope inspire you & your company to stop, evaluate, and create a plan for improvement.

Stat 1: 5.5

The question:

On a scale of 1 (can’t do it) to 10 ( we are awesome at it) – how clearly does your company communicate the 3 ways you are unique to the market?

5.5 is the average answer. Dang – that is basically saying most companies are not confident they are communicating one of the most powerful elements of their message to the market.

If you aren’t communicating your uniques to the market, you will look 1) just like the current solution your audience has, so there is no need to change or 2) you look just like the competition, and then it’s a race to the bottom on price – neither of those are great places to be.

Stat 2: 57% – D

That’s the average grade calculated when asking how confident your company is that your marketing is actually targeting your unique audience with a unique message on a scale of 1-10 (very confident).

Wow – a D. Mom & dad would not be pleased.

Marketing in 2021 is certainly more complicated than it has ever been in the past, but one of the solid advancements in marketing is our ability to reach the exact people we want to reach. Whether that be digitally through the highly targeted capabilities of LinkedIn, or by leveraging data resources to develop highly targeted account-based marketing lists. We can do better than a D here.

As promised, we are going to keep it short and leave you with those two stats, but if those have you curious or wanting to look deeper into your company – take the assessment! It walks through 30 different points across the funnel & will give you a great snapshot of where you are today, so you can begin planning for how to get better!

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