Who Not How: The Right Who Changes Everything

by Benj Miller | Nov 10, 2020

My friend, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, just published a book with Dan Sullivan called, “Who not How.” The book goes into depth for all areas of our lives, leadership, and business in how we can stop asking HOW and leverage the right WHO. 

The right WHO changes everything. It not only answers the HOW but frees us up to work within our own unique abilities.

As I read the book, I could not help but make the parallel to Syrup as the WHO to finally answer, “HOW do we do this marketing thing?” Even when we think we know how, companies struggle to activate it, prioritize it, and make it a consistent process that adds value to their business.

If you are an SMB in the B2B space and you have brand or marketing issues that never seem to get resolved, let’s talk. We gladly give away our HOW (model, process, etc.) and we’d love to help you breakthrough in 2021 and feel confident about your marketing maturing into a growth asset.

P.S. Also, buy the book

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