Core Values: A Numbers Game

by Morgan Alverson | May 26, 2020

Let’s talk core values. If you don’t have set core values that your entire team knows (without looking), stop reading this post and go check out Kate’s post here. Then check out Kraig’s post on Syrup’s values here.

We truly believe that core values are the foundation of your company. They’re an integral part of your business and how you operate. It’s why we talk about them often. And why you’ll find multiple blog posts on our site about it. 

If you do have core values for your company, pat yourself on the back. That’s step one. But how many do you have?

It’s a question that often comes up. When you start listing out the things that matter and those potential values, it’s likely you’ll have a long list. So where do you stop?

I strongly encourage you to stop at 4. 

When it comes to core values, 3 is optimal, 4 is the maximum. 


  1. Less is more. Always.
  2. If you want them to be activated, they have to be remembered. Research has shown that our brains can only remember 4 things at most in a list.
  3. This forces you to find the most important values.

It really is as simple as that. 

Each value can (and should!) be defined and that definition can include some other words of importance to you. These definitions are important, because words like “integrity” can mean something different to everyone. Clearly defined core values ensure everyone is on the same page.

So take that list of values and start looking at where you can combine and where you should just remove. Keep it simple and memorable. 

Bonus: We like to make all of our values verbs. They should be actionable. Values are something you live out every day. 

If you need any help creating or refining your core values, please reach out. We would love to help.

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