Is Your Message Consistent?

by Morgan Alverson | Dec 6, 2022

The end of the year can always get a little crazy, right? We’re all trying to wrap up the year and tie a bow on it. We’re looking at the numbers, trying to reach those last-minute goals, looking at all the recaps and stats. In an effort to not add to the noise, here’s just one stat for you to think about.

Only 25% of B2B software companies are confident that their message is consistent throughout sales & marketing efforts.

We’re talking only one quarter of B2B software companies are staying consistent in their messaging. Why does that matter? Repetition and frequency. Seeing the same message over and over makes a difference. In fact, the frequency required for your prospects to take action has increased over the last few years. They now need to see your message at least 12 times before they will do anything about it. And if you’re showing them different messages (i.e. you aren’t consistent), they likely won’t remember it and/or won’t have a solid understanding of what your message is. 

As you wrap up this year, make sure you’re doing these 3 things to be part of the top B2B companies with consistent messaging:

  1. Have a solid, written out brand strategy (that includes messaging) focused on your unique audience.
  1. Share that brand strategy and messaging with your internal team to ensure everyone is aligned.
  1. Make sure sales and marketing are talking. These two should be working together. The message your audience sees should be a continuation when going from marketing to sales. It can’t be disconnected.

How would you grade yourself on consistency in your messaging?

We grabbed this stat from 150+ B2B companies that took our Funnel Assessment. The assessment grades your efforts across sales, marketing, and operations. It asks 30 questions and provides results paired with action items you can take to improve your score. Take the Funnel Assessment here!

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